Pocket Sized Thoughts – Christmas – Part 12

We have seen His star.” (Matthew 2:2)

These were men who were probably from modern day Iraq, or Iran. Whoever they were, they were totally outside the covenant relationship God had with His ancient people, Israel. The promises and benefits normally did not extend to them. Yet, there was still hope. In God’s amazing economy of mercy and grace, even those who were far off and distant could still find the King of kings, the one born King. In Isaiah 60:3 it speaks of “gentiles coming to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising.” They literally had to see the light. And, once they did, they acted. They did not stay in their comfortable homes, or private studies, but left and embarked upon an epic journey which would have taken many weeks. They left all to find Christ, the King. Have you seen His light? And, more importantly, having seen it, have you responded to it. It does not matter how far away you are, or have been, if God’s light has shone to you, it beckons you to come. Rise up and go and find Him, as these wise men did. Wise men still seek Him.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that you have placed a guiding light in this dark world so that I may find you.”