Pocket Sized Thoughts – Christmas – Part 7

That we may serve Him without fear in holiness and righteousness all the days of our life.” (Luke 1:74-75)

When the cousin of Jesus, John the Baptist, was born and named, these words were part of the prophecy given by his father, Zacharias. Because of his unbelief, Zacharias had not spoken for nine months. After declaring, by writing, that the child’s name was to be John, his mouth was opened, his tongue loosened and he began to speak and praise God (Luke 1:64). Extraordinary things happen when we obey and believe. It allows the Holy Spirit to work. As Zacharias was filled with the Holy Spirit, he prophesied about a horn of salvation being raised up for us (Luke 1:69). A horn, in this context, is like a rallying point, or cry, announcing what God was about to do. This refers to the salvation, which would become available through the Lord Jesus Christ. Part of this salvation is not only being saved from our sins (the negative aspect, if you like), but being delivered in order (the positive aspect) that we should have a new basis of relationship with God. That is, all dread of God would be gone and that our natural propensity to sin and fail would be replaced by holiness and righteousness … for ever. This is not possible with us, but it is possible with God when the Holy Spirit does His amazing work of new birth in our lives. All this is possible because of the glorious incarnation of the Son of God.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you, that through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, you have come to change the inner nature of my life.”