Pocket Sized Thoughts – Christmas – Part 6

The Holy Spirit will come upon you.” (Luke 1:35)

These words were spoken to Mary. An angel had come and announced that she would give birth to a son even before she ever sexually knew a man. The promises of ‘her child’ being the Son of the Highest (i.e. God), having the throne of David, ruling the house of Jacob and having an unending kingdom (verses 32 and 33) were indeed wonderful. However, as incredible as these promises were, her natural reaction was to ask how these things were going to happen. This was not a question of unbelief as seen in Zacharias (Luke 1:18), but a genuine enquiry from a willing soul. In reply, it was said that the Holy Spirit would come upon her. In other words, that same Holy Spirit would undertake all the responsibility. All that was required of her was compliance. Listen to her gracious, willing answer :- “Be it unto me according to your word” (v.38). This was the response of a loving, believing and obedient heart. She was willing to place her entire self at God’s disposal. No conditions, just fully affectionate submission. Nothing further needed to be said and the angel left. When we properly transact with the Lord, as Mary did, we can leave it all with Him. There is no need to add anything. With such loving surrender, the Holy Spirit will cause the life of God’s Son to be born in us; or to put it another way, another son of God will be born. This is true new birth.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you we can be born again by your Spirit; help me to bow and to believe.”