Pocket Sized Thoughts – 3 John – Part 1

Gaius … Diotrephes … Demetrius.” (vs. 1,9,12)

Another short letter, written by John, who was one who was in the truth to those who were also walking and living in the truth. Sadly, not all were doing so. There are three men mentioned. Gaius, probably one of the leaders, lived and walked in the truth. He was hospitable to all, which he did from a heart of love. For this, he was greatly respected and loved by others. He was a joy to have around. In sharp contrast, there was Diotrephes. He assumed leadership; not from love of the truth, but from a position of ambition. Like Satan, he would tolerate no rival. It is tragic when such men gain prominence in the church. That which is pure, loving and of true fellowship is destroyed under their influence. But, all is not lost, because there is another whose influence is good. Demetrius was a lover of truth and was well known as such. The truth of the gospel will always be opposed and contended. But, truth will prevail because there will also be those in whom truth dwells and they will be greatly loved. Let us aspire after the examples of Gaius and Demetrius.

PRAYER :- “Lord, even though there be opposition, thank You that you want your love and truth to be in us and to overcome.”