Pocket Sized Thoughts – 2 Thessalonians – Part 8

The Lord direct your hearts … into the patient waiting for Christ.” (3:5)

Paul concludes his letter with some practical considerations, which are all under the heading of being patient in waiting for Christ. Impatience gets us out of rest and may end up making us do things which are contrary to God’s word. Therefore, he commands righteous behaviour, avoiding those who indulge themselves; he encourages diligence in work and looking for every opportunity to be an influence for good; and, he warns against noisiness and disturbance, whether in thought, or deed, but to conduct ourselves in all meekness and peacefulness. He exhorts them to follow his own example (v.9), so that the impression that Christ has left upon him, should be imprinted upon them as well. In these simple ways, all ground for reproach by the enemy is taken away. Finally, he ends with a ‘double dose’ of peace by saying that the Lord of peace should give you peace (3:16). To have peace at all times and in all places is one of the greatest gifts the Lord gives and is also one of the surest marks that the grace of God is at work in the heart of such a person. It keeps that person at rest in Christ and protects them from all the turmoil of the world.

PRAYER :- “Lord, please give your peace so that I may truly shine for you in this dark world.”