Pocket Sized Thoughts – 2 Thessalonians – Part 6

Whom the Lord shall consume with the Spirit of His mouth …” (2:8)

One of the awful aspects of the being of lawlessness is his power to deceive. In this, he/it is like his father, the devil, who is a liar with no truth in him at all (John 8:44). He/it will be clever, powerful and able to perform false miracles, so much so, that he will receive world-wide applause and adulation. Those who do not join in will be categorised as ‘outsiders.’ Despite offering all manner of answers, the one problem that he will not address is the issue of sin. He will be all the more exalted because men will be beguiled into continuing with their unrighteousness. Repentance from sin will not be his message. He will be so manipulative that many apostate Christians will be swept along with his propaganda. How may such a creature be resisted and overcome? The answer is by the Word that comes out of God’s mouth, in the power of the Spirit. These are things which Paul had already told the Thessalonians (2:5) and which are now written down for our instruction. Therefore, we are to stand firm and hold fast to the Scriptures which have been handed down to us. We have a great privilege in having the Bible in our own language, but also a great responsibility to uphold the truth of God’s word, so that it may establish and comfort us in every way.

PRAYER :- “Lord, teach me your word more and more so that it may guard my heart against all deception.”