Pocket Sized Thoughts – 2 John – Part 2

I trust to some to you and speak face to face.” (v.12)

One of the problems that John faced was that of distance. He longed to be with his ‘children’ but length of travel, or other limitations prevented him. This is why he wrote to them. It was the way of expressing his love and care toward them. He had many things to write but they were best explained by face to face meetings. There is no substitute for seeing someone and talking face to face. It is the same with the Lord Himself. He has many things to say, which cannot be all covered in a letter. But, here His desire is expressed. He trusts to come to us and speak with His beloved children. It is a wonderful thing for Him to communicate to us, but how much more wonderful when He is there in Person. His Presence explains all and His Presence calms all. And, when He is really present with us, our joy is complete. Thankfully, with Him, there are no imposed restrictions. He is free to come at any time. Like little children eagerly awaiting the return of their father, let us also anticipate His Presence by His Spirit with great joy.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you that you not only speak to us, but long to be with us Yourself, so that mutual joy may be full.”