Pocket Sized Thoughts – 2 John – Part 1

I rejoiced greatly that I found your children walking in truth.” (v.4)

The thing that brought John real joy was when he heard that the spiritual children he was responsible for were ‘walking in the truth.’ Truth is not an abstract thing; it is something to be known and experienced. They did not only just know the truth; they were practicing and living it. Receiving and obeying commands from the Father is one of the seals that we are His children. One of the greatest commands is that we love another (v.5). This was something that John had laboured upon and was anxious that it should not be lost (v.8). To hear that they were living in the good of it, brought him great joy. There were others who did not live as they professed. John calls them deceivers and they did not belong to God. They and their pernicious words were not to be received, neither given any ‘house room’ in our lives. This will keep us and our teaching pure. This way, it shall be alive within us, even forever (v.2).

PRAYER :- “Lord, keep us in the simplicity of these wonderful truths.”