Pocket Sized Thoughts – 1 Thessalonians – Part 7

The coming of the Lord” (4:15)

Having established the effects of the gospel in our lives, both in initial conversion and subsequent growth, Paul now goes on to consider the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. There was a concern among the believers that those who had died before Jesus returned, would somehow not be included and thus, have no hope. However, when Jesus returns, there would be a mighty in-gathering and re-uniting of all who were and are in Christ. Paul does not talk about what would happen before Jesus returns (he leaves some of that to his second letter), but what would happen when He did. There would be the shout of an archangel, the sound of a trumpet and even the Lord Himself would cry out as He descends. This is to be no secret event; all the world will witness it (Matthew 24:30,31) as the Lord gathers together all His people from all ages. They were not to be afraid but to use the knowledge of these certain facts, not to speculate, but to comfort, exhort and help each other in all manner of holy living until He returns.

PRAYER :- “Lord, find me ready at Your mighty return; or else, find me ready when I die and go to be with You.”