Pocket Sized Thoughts – 1 Thessalonians – Part 5

To establish you and to … [make] you stand fast in the Lord.” (3:2,8)

Paul continues his theme of affliction. Though affliction is to be expected, he tells them not to be moved by it. The word Paul uses indicates not being drawn aside, shaken or disturbed in any way. Many things can cause disquiet, but Paul tells us not to be surprised by these things. They have a design and such trials can be a part of God’s plan for our lives to establish us further in the gospel of Christ. Buffeting winds only serve to strengthen the roots of the exposed tree. The enemy may tempt and Paul thought that all his work would come to nothing but news of their perseverance brought great joy. It is a source of great strength to fellow believers that we ourselves keep faithful despite every hardship and trial. Nothing gives more determination to press on than when we hear of those we know who have likeminded steadfastness of heart under every circumstance. This helps us through to the end.

PRAYER :- “Lord, help me to be steadfast and true to You in every situation.”