Pocket Sized Thoughts – 1 Thessalonians – Part 3

We were gentle … and affectionately longed for you.” (2 v.7,8)

The Apostle Paul’s visit to Thessalonica did not fail in its purpose. God had approved their work and He had graciously given them lasting results. In the first few verses of chapter 2, we see something of the heart method of Paul. In preaching the gospel, Paul used no deceit, flattery, slyness or any other form of hidden agenda. His motives were entirely pure. While it is true that some use the gospel for their own ends, such as lining their pockets, Paul was quite different. His love for them was sincere and he wished only the very best for those dear people. In a picture of Christ Himself, Paul nursed, cherished and loved them, willingly laying down his life, for their benefit. It is a most wonderful thing when we have ministers of the gospel who genuinely care for our spiritual welfare. This helps us to become further established in the truths of the gospel, growing in grace and walking worthily of the God who has called us into His kingdom and glory (v.12). All this is because, although God used men, it was His word which spoke to us. His word, backed up by His love and care (often demonstrated through fellow believers), will work in us and forever change our lives. What a wonderful and powerful gospel this is.

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you for the love and care You have constantly shown me.”