Pocket Sized Thoughts – 1 Thessalonians – Part 1

Our gospel came not unto you in word only, but in power and in the Holy Spirit …” (1 v.5)

One of the main themes of 1 Thessalonians is the second coming of Christ. More will be said of this later but it is vital to realise that we will not be ready for His second coming unless we have really met, known and experienced Him in accordance with His first coming. This is what Paul reminds them of in chapter 1 v.5 that the gospel did not come to them in word only, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance. The account of Paul’s visit is found in Acts 17:1-9. There, he reasoned, opened, alleged and preached the gospel. Though employing his considerable intellect, Paul’s appeal was to more than just the mind; it touched the core-heart of his listeners. Only the power of God can do this. This is why the gospel is more than word only; it has the power to convince and persuade more than any eloquence can ever do. The results are startling and comprehensive. The gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit brings much assurance, joy, makes you a follower of Jesus Christ and is so dramatic that all your acquaintance will hear about it. How have you received the gospel?

PRAYER :- “Lord, help me to know your power as I listen to your Word.”