Pocket Sized Thoughts – 1 John – Part 12

Whoever is born of God does not commit sin.” (3:9).

This is the second of John’s characteristics of a person who is born again. Once again, the truth is profoundly simple, that is, that one who is born again cannot commit sin. Sadly, many believers have tied themselves in knots over this verse. They think that because they have knowingly sinned then this verse proves that they cannot be born again. As a result, often, they sink into despair. The verse does not say that if you sin, you cannot be born again; it is not teaching sinless perfection. Previously, John had clearly stated that “If we sin, we have an advocate …” (2:1), allowing for the possibility of sin. This is not to excuse sin. Sin is inexcusable. The verse teaches that if, or since, we are born again, we do not have to sin. Sin does not need to be automatic. The power and dominion of sin has been broken at the cross of Jesus Christ (read carefully Romans chapter 6). That victory over sin and the need not to automatically commit sin is made available to me when His holy life is gloriously imparted when I am born again and become a new creature in Christ. I am born from above, from another kingdom where righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit reigns and where sin does not reign. By being of that kingdom and living in the reality and power of it, I do not now need to sin. Glory to His name!

PRAYER :- “Lord, thank you for new birth. May I increasingly know the power and reality of it in my life.”