David & Goliath – Part 10 – Magnificent Emerald

1 Sam 1734-35 “And David said unto Saul”.

In verses 34-37 we find David explaining to Saul what had happened when he looked after the sheep. It seems to be an unimportant part of the story but David explains how he had defended his father’s sheep against a bear and a lion. When the lion took a sheep from the flock he followed it and delivered the sheep from the lion’s mouth. Then he slew the unhappy lion when it came at him. David did not come to the situation “untried”.

He also said “The Lord that delivered me …. will deliver me ….“ Why we ask? It was because God had prepared him for it. So the basic idea is that God had prepared David during his life through the things he did.

These events happened as part of David’s training. The prior things he went through helped develop the abilities that would be useful later in life. In a similar way God prepares us for what we will encounter in our lives. In Golden Nugget, we saw how God prepared the things (the smooth stones) David would need to help in the fight. In these verses we see how God had prepared David himself.

God is known for caring and preparing us for future things. He goes ahead of us; He calms the seas; He softens the blows we face; He understands our coming difficulties; He knows how to guide and lead us through it all.