David & Goliath – Part 9 – Glorious Aroma

1 Sam 1716 “presented himself forty days”

Goliath came every day, in fact twice a day, for 40 days. He was persistent. He wasn’t going to go away. The truth is that problems don’t go away! You have to face up to your problems. (Not to be confused with the thought of choosing your battles to win the war.)

For “40” days it happened and would carry on until someone faced the issue. Until you come face to face, as David did, the problem won’t go away. But David went in the strength of the living God and so must we. Note we don’t fight the devil the way he wants us to fight (unproved with sword and spear) but fight him the way God wants us to fight (a proved sling with prepared stones).

Just think how we are to fight the devil. Goliath expected he was going to battle with another heavily armoured soldier. He expected hand to hand combat. Even Saul thought this by offering David the use of his armour. But David had absolutely no such expectation. He was not going to fight him that way. Why would he? He’s a shepherd. He’d spent his entire life using a sling to defend his flock against lions and bears. He was going to fight the way God had prepared him.

David ran towards Goliath v48 to tackle the problem. He stood his ground and didn’t run away. Our fighting the devil is “standing” as in Eph 611,13 In v11 we stand against the wiles of the devil and in v13 having done all stand, In the end David “stood” on the problem 1 Samuel 1751.