David & Goliath – Part 6 – Glorious Silver

1 Sam 1726+36 “uncircumcised Philistine … defy the armies of the living God”.

David’s assessment of the situation was simple. This uncircumcised Philistine had defied the armies of the living God. Now as we know uncircumcision/circumcision “is of the heart – by the Spirit” Romans 229 and this is the important thing for us.

Interestingly there are 3 categories of people in this chapter, the Philistines, Israelites and David. Some of their characteristics are:-

Trusted in the fleshTrusted in themselvesTrusted in God

By his actions Goliath had shown his unspiritual state having defied the living God. Saul and the Israelites had shown their carnal state in failing to step forward to fight. David, by his actions showed his spiritual state putting first and foremost his trust in God. (David was a man after God’s heart but not spiritually circumcised.) A person’s actions can reveal if they are circumcised or uncircumcised. (Romans 228-29; Colossians 211).

Much could be said about these 3 groups. But simply un-circumcision can lead to certain thoughts, ways of thinking, attitudes and ways of thinking. Circumcision of heart leads to controlled thoughts, brings our life into line with God, corrects attitudes and deals with the thoughts and intents of the heart. Circumcision of the heart involves putting off the deeds of the flesh and trusting in God. We must see things (like David) from Lord’s perspective and put our trust in Him. This clearly involves obeying Him and not defying Him.