David & Goliath – Part 4 – Costly Pearl

1 Sam 1749 “and he fell upon his face to the earth.”

Let’s look here as to how Goliath fell, how he landed on his face. We will all have the same position on the judgement day as every knee will bow – Phil 210, Rm 1411 – but for a different reason. Falling down has a number of references but what does it mean? It is often associated with worship as mentioned in Matthew about the magi who fell down (prostrated themselves) and worshipped Him. Not that Goliath was worshipping but he certainly was greatly humbled, which is another aspect of falling on your face. As Christians we bow the knee willingly in humility and worship, which are conjoined, and we acknowledging our smallness and His greatness.

Goliath’s falling was God’s action. It was all “in the name of the Lord of hosts” v45.The overcoming of the enemy gets God the glory not us. It’s in His strength and not ours that we overcome difficulties.

In prayer the battle is to be in an attitude of humility and worship. This is to be our heart. Battle on your face? Be before the Lord in this attitude – victory comes out of the battle.