David & Goliath – Part 3 – Precious Jewel

1 Sam 174-7, 38-39, 40 The right armour

In vs.4-7 it describes Goliath’s size and what seems like an uninteresting list of his armour.

In vs.38-39 it describes a failed attempt to equip David with Saul’s armour.

In v40 describes David’s “armour”.

Why is such a description recorded here? (“Why” is always a good question to ask?) By worldly standards it sounds impressively frightening and presumably it was good enough to do its job. Goliath totally relied upon it. Along with his height and strength he trusted his life with it. Oh the folly. Trusting in the wrong things – the human way, mans way. Goliath’s armour description is worldly and natural.

By contrast David couldn’t wear Saul’s armour as offered by the king. David had not “proved” the armour (v39) or was not use to it. Neither should we. You can’t take another person’s armour – it’s an individual walk we have with Jesus and He equips us.

David’s armour included the name of the Lord of hosts (v45). He looked to the Lord to deliver him (v.37). He had complete trust in God. But note he came just as he was. This speaks to us of putting “off” the flesh and putting “on” Christ, the new man. (Col 38+10)

We must not rely on the worlds armour and not take another man’s armour but equip ourselves with God’s armour. In 2 Cor 104 it says, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds”.