David & Goliath – Part 2 – Golden Nugget

1 Sam 1740 And he …….. chose him five smooth stones out of the brook”.

As David went and took the stones out of the brook he chose 5 smooth stones. These stones where there already ready and waiting. They had taken time, a very long time, to end up smooth so they would be ready for use now. God had already prepared them ready for David to use.

In each situation you face in your life know that God has prepared /planned it for you. In that situation God has also prepared/provided the way of release/deliverance. He has planned ahead for you.

What shall I do? Or say? Or pray? Realise that God put those stones there and smoothed them ready for use when needed. David didn’t carry them around or bring them with him in his shepherd’s bag. They were there ready for use. (Isaiah 6524 “Before they call, I will answer”) So don’t worry. This speaks of a provider – Jehovah-Jireh.

These smooth stones were aerodynamic so they could fly fast through the air and sink deep.

Just as the stones had been prepared long ago to be there ready for use so to God prepares and plans and provides for us in the time of need.

God goes before you and has planned and prepared things that you will need to help you face different situations. Just as David’s sling was a powerful device so too is prayer. David took his staff, sling, bag with him. The stones were there already prepared and provided by God i.e. we bring ourselves and He provides the ammunition (prayers as the Spirit helps us in our weakness).