The Baptism with the Holy Spirit – Part 31

A different concept that I felt helped by is the thought of the baptism with the Holy Spirit as being like a door. Jesus Himself said of course that He was the door. That means He, or in my consideration here now, the baptism with the Holy Spirit, is like a door. He, Jesus, is the way in. The experience of the baptism with the Holy Spirit is also the way in.

I believe it is very important to preach the baptism with the Holy Spirit as a true beginning in people’s lives. It is a true door. Therefore, in the life of the local church there should be regular presentations of the way in, the door. (It would be equally true to use other words or concepts here e.g. new birth. The point is that people need to hear the gospel in all its fulness regularly).

However, the majority of people in our churches will also need other food to build them up. That is, they need the truth of Scripture regularly expounded to feed them.

So there has to be a balance found between presenting the door, the way in, the baptism with the Holy Spirit, and all other truth representing “the whole counsel of God”.

This will result in progressive growth, both in terms of believers being fed and nurtured on the one hand, and new people being brought in by the baptism with the Holy Spirt on the other.

One further and important thought about the door. The door is a means to get into the house. It is very important as a means of entrance. One of the secrets about entering in is actually more about the house and rooms to be entered that the door itself. The bigger and better the house in many ways reduces the importance of the door. If we are visiting a beautiful, or Stately home for instance, while we need to know a little about where to get in, we are much more thinking of the house itself. The thought is much more taken up with visions of beauty, wonderful furniture, magnificent ceilings etc.

The application here for the preacher, or anyone who wishes to draw people to Christ is to make much of the house! Make much of Christ! Share the wonders of His person. Present Him in all his glory and grace! The more people are drawn to Him, the easier it is for them to find the way in! The greatness of the house helps to put the role and place of the door in its context. We won’t get stuck at the door all the time the delights of the house are presented.

So, there it is!

A little bit of me and I trust a lot more of Him!

David Vine

February 2021