The Baptism with the Holy Spirit – Part 19

I loved the church, but again, I was getting a nagging concern about the doctrinal emphasis.

I had moved from the “automatic” type of understanding from my early Brethren years to a second blessing position. As I have already stated earlier, I was never really comfortable with that position and certainly did not take well to the emphasis on the initial evidence position. This you will remember is the doctrine that states speaking in tongues is the first indication that a person has been filled with the Spirit. I could not see that in Scripture.

Now I was hearing, that unless you had had an experience of the Holy Spirit, you were not born again. Because new birth was preached frequently, and because it didn’t match up too clearly with the way new birth was preached in the Brethren, I came to a crisis of understanding again.

I began to doubt if I had been born again. Eventually I got to such a state that I could not let the matter go, so I contacted Norman Meeten. He came to see me, talked things through with me, reassured me and from then on, my mind was at peace. I still wrestled with the doctrinal emphases but in a more detached way.