The Baptism with the Holy Spirit – Part 17

I met up most nights with Adrian to pray after we had finished our work. During the next twelve months or so, I guess, we saw the Lord do remarkable things. We saw students getting saved, filled with the Spirit, moving in love together etc. It was exciting to get mail from the CU mail box asking us to go and pray with another student to receive the Spirit during a lunch hour and so forth.

So many people were affected in those early years, with many attending the “House”, but also others going to Belvidere Baptist Church, just along the road from the “House”. Although this church took a strongly reformed position theologically and therefore was not very supportive or comfortable with the “House” there was such love in the CU that the bonds we shared enabled us to keep unity together.

They were truly amazing days with friendships and bonds that have continued all our lives, and with many in one form of ministry or another.

Adrian was CU President the first year I arrived and I was asked to be President the next year. Because of my close relationship with Adrian, and the group in the CU involved with other churches, particularly Belividere Baptist, I declined the invitation, in order to maintain unity. I was then elected for the following year, which was my last, as I moved into clinical studies and completed my three years of involvement.

Those days remain among the most exciting of my life. I learned so much regarding prayer, ministry, unity, and it was a privilege to be part of so many people’s lives.