The Baptism with the Holy Spirit – Part 16

As these events were unfolding, I was applying for University and to study medicine in particular. A family friend had a son studying medicine at Liverpool and he told me that Liverpool was one of the best medical schools outside of London. (Well he would wouldn’t he!). On that basis I applied and put Liverpool as my first choice. I got an offer of a place but needed to take the extra year in the sixth form to obtain the grades I needed. Remarkably I came to Liverpool, never having visited the city before, or knowing anyone there, except this lad from around the corner who was several years ahead of me and who I never saw again to my knowledge!

It was with tremendous excitement that I arrived in Liverpool determined to find a church where people were moving in the Holy Spirit and all His gifts etc. It was as if I had been held back for many months desperately wanting to find a new church and experience true church community! When I left Eastbourne to start a fresh phase in my life I felt as though I was like a bullet being fired out of a gun – an incredible sense of excitement and anticipation.

Before arriving in Liverpool, I had asked the Lord a very specific prayer request. I asked Him to give me a friend who was a medic, from a similar background to me, and one who had experienced the Holy Spirit as I had. On the first morning of Freshers week I met Adrian Murray at the CU stall and we had a brief conversation. I knew immediately that Adrian was the answer to my prayer and the friend God had given me. We made an arrangement for him to come to my room for us to chat over coffee. I got out the books I had brought with me and put them on my book shelf. Authors like Watchman Nee, Elisabeth Elliot, Hudson Taylor etc were there. I soon discovered that Adrian had come from a Brethren background in Cumbria, was a year ahead of me studying medicine, and had had an experience of the Holy Spirit the previous year – very close to the time I had as well! He had started going to a house fellowship and could take me along with him. He lived in the neighbouring hall of residence to me.

He took me to the “House” – a church meeting in a large house which was a new experience for me and a subject I will return to.

I found out from Adrian that the Lord had been moving in the CU the previous year and that Lynda Hutchison (later Cheung) in particular had been praying in the “House” for God to move among the University students. It seemed that I was part of that prayer and that move of God.