The Baptism with the Holy Spirit – Part 10

Soon after the opportunity at Capel I also accompanied Nick and Nigel to Chard to see what was happening there. The vibrancy of the worship was electric with songs being sung over and over again. The meetings had begun in a farmhouse owned by Uncle Sid and Auntie Mill Purse. The Lord had poured out His Spirit on them and people were being drawn from all over the UK and many from Scandinavia. There had been healings and remarkable things happening.

Another emphasis in those days, which were mid to late 60’s, was the association between the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Such a phenomenon polarised people and was potentially divisive in the way it was presented to many.

Nationally too, little was ever heard of the Holy Spirit. It was in the mid 60s that there was a move of God among Church of England churches and ministers. These were headed up by Rev Michael Harper, who founded The Fountain Trust, Rev David Watson in York, Rev David McInnes and others. Mrs Jean Darnell was a key figure also, having a gift of healing.

Outside of Anglicanism there were many from a Brethren background who were testifying to an experience of the Holy Spirit. These tended to link together initially, but soon became independent of denominational ties and started a new wave of churches. Our own church network has roots in these links.

Arising out of a new freedom of worship came a new hymnology. Dale Garrat from New Zealand brought new songs of Scripture verses put to music.

My heart was now set on course to discover what all these things coming together meant for me. I started reading every book I could find on the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and stories of the outpouring of the Spirit on communities etc. Eventually I gave up as they all seemed to be contradictory. I decide I would not read anymore and just concentrate on reading the book of Acts principally and then the rest of the New Testament.

Around this time, I had an accident causing me to lose my front tooth and risking the possibility of playing the trumpet again.

I also had a football injury resulting in me being told that I should not play contact sports again, so my enthusiasm for football was shattered too!

My life was being constrained by the hand of the Lord.