The Baptism with the Holy Spirit – Part 6

Junior school was marvellous! We had four houses; Scot (red), Shackleton (blue), Rhodes (yellow) and Livingston (green). All of these men were explorers that captured the minds of young men with a sense of exploration and fascination. I was honoured to be Captain of Livingston. School experience was incredibly diverse, active in all sports, and numerous extra curricula activities including musicals, flower shows, etc. I loved it all! When I left for grammar school, I had the honour of being presented with a gift to the boy who had contributed most to the school during the course of his time there. It was a copy of the recently produced New English Bible. My name was added to the Honour’s board in gold letters in the hall, eventually being destroyed, I think, when the school relocated to a different area of town.

This life style fitted around a demanding school setting. Eastbourne Grammar school arranged for the top one third of pupils to complete their O levels as they were called then in four years rather than then five. This meant, at that time, that students might get good marks for their University entrance but might need to upgrade one or two subjects to secure their place. The third year in the sixth form enabled us to continue study of perhaps, just one subject, and use much of our time to make a contribution to the school by way of leadership and other responsibilities. I was House Captain and Deputy Head Boy that year.

So, life was very full. I look back now and am amazed at just how full it was on so many levels!