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David & Goliath – Part 8 – Sparkling Sapphire

1 Sam 1726 “Who is this ….. (that I hear), that he should defy the armies of the living God”.

Here is another aspect about what we hear – or rather what is said! Goliath speaks in vs8-9 to offer a deal, a bargain, a one-on-one contest between himself and a “man” out of the men of Israel. He does this every morning and evening for 40 days (v16). Then David heard him (v23).

You get the impression that the offer from Goliath is meant to be an orderly event! Whoever loses will simply capitulate and put down their weapons, surrendering to become slaves!

But look at what happens once the dual/fight is over and it’s obvious that David has won. In v51 it says “when the Philistines saw their champion was dead they fled! It wasn’t fair. They failed to keep their side of the deal that was offered!

So Goliath lied. It was all a lie. Remember the devil is a liar. He lied in from beginning when he challenged God, saying in Gen 3 v3 “hath God said”. So we see that we must not listen to the lies of the enemy as he will never keep his word or side of any bargain. In John 844 it says “he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it”. Lying is part of the devil’s character.

Truth is an attribute of God’s character. So we need discernment – a believing heart – to listen for the voice of truth. The truth sets us free John 832.

David & Goliath – Part 7 – Rich Ruby

1 Sam 1711+24 11 ”heard the philistine”, 24 “saw the man”.

We are told in v.11 that as Saul and all Israel (including David’s brothers) “heard the Philistine” they were greatly afraid. They had listened with their natural ears. Similarly in v.24 “when they “saw the man” they fled in great fear. Again they had seen with their natural eyes. It was all in unbelief and fear.

However, David saw and heard it differently. He had a different response as he looked beyond the natural with its limitations and saw the possibility for the living God to win the victory. It was with the eyes and ears of a man after God’s heart (Acts 1322) – the spiritual man.

As mentioned previously there are 3 categories of people in this chapter. Here are some of their characteristics:-

Fleshly familyNatural familySpiritual family
Looked at himselfLooked at GoliathLooked to God

David looked beyond his limitations and his natural ability. He preferred to hear what God said rather than what man said. He believed in a God who supplied what was needed. A God who will meet the need at the time it is required.

1 Corinthians 214 Points out that the natural man receives not the things of God. Which means the spiritual man does.

1 John 215 This tells us not to love the world or the things in the world. This means we can have the love of the Father in us.

David & Goliath – Part 6 – Glorious Silver

1 Sam 1726+36 “uncircumcised Philistine … defy the armies of the living God”.

David’s assessment of the situation was simple. This uncircumcised Philistine had defied the armies of the living God. Now as we know uncircumcision/circumcision “is of the heart – by the Spirit” Romans 229 and this is the important thing for us.

Interestingly there are 3 categories of people in this chapter, the Philistines, Israelites and David. Some of their characteristics are:-

Trusted in the fleshTrusted in themselvesTrusted in God

By his actions Goliath had shown his unspiritual state having defied the living God. Saul and the Israelites had shown their carnal state in failing to step forward to fight. David, by his actions showed his spiritual state putting first and foremost his trust in God. (David was a man after God’s heart but not spiritually circumcised.) A person’s actions can reveal if they are circumcised or uncircumcised. (Romans 228-29; Colossians 211).

Much could be said about these 3 groups. But simply un-circumcision can lead to certain thoughts, ways of thinking, attitudes and ways of thinking. Circumcision of heart leads to controlled thoughts, brings our life into line with God, corrects attitudes and deals with the thoughts and intents of the heart. Circumcision of the heart involves putting off the deeds of the flesh and trusting in God. We must see things (like David) from Lord’s perspective and put our trust in Him. This clearly involves obeying Him and not defying Him.

David & Goliath – Part 5 – Sweet Perfume

1 Sam 1720 David went “as Jesse had commanded him”

David was obedient to his father. However, when he arrived at the camp to see his brothers Eliab, the eldest, accused David of wrong intentions (v28). People might question what you do even when you have the best of intentions and misinterpret your actions. This is why it’s so important to make sure we are acting in obedience to what God has told or shown us to do.

Being obedient isn’t something we learn to do just the once, it’s something that we are to do all the time. It’s to be a part of our character. Jesus learnt to be obedient through the things he suffered (Hebrews 58) and there may be times when that happens to us.

Obedience then involves a response from us which might mean action or even inaction! David did as his father instructed him to do – an action. Sometimes being obedient involves not doing something – as with some of the commandments or when God tells us to wait.

James tells us much about faith and works (See James 2). Works arise from genuine faith. Works involve doing things or actions. If we have genuine faith it must be accompanied by actions. Action then can be in obedience to God’s word.

Our obedience proves or shows our faith to be genuine. It is a valuable quality to have. It is to be an integral part of us and surely the simplest and best way to live. We are to be “as obedient children” (1 Peter 114).

David & Goliath – Part 4 – Costly Pearl

1 Sam 1749 “and he fell upon his face to the earth.”

Let’s look here as to how Goliath fell, how he landed on his face. We will all have the same position on the judgement day as every knee will bow – Phil 210, Rm 1411 – but for a different reason. Falling down has a number of references but what does it mean? It is often associated with worship as mentioned in Matthew about the magi who fell down (prostrated themselves) and worshipped Him. Not that Goliath was worshipping but he certainly was greatly humbled, which is another aspect of falling on your face. As Christians we bow the knee willingly in humility and worship, which are conjoined, and we acknowledging our smallness and His greatness.

Goliath’s falling was God’s action. It was all “in the name of the Lord of hosts” v45.The overcoming of the enemy gets God the glory not us. It’s in His strength and not ours that we overcome difficulties.

In prayer the battle is to be in an attitude of humility and worship. This is to be our heart. Battle on your face? Be before the Lord in this attitude – victory comes out of the battle.

David & Goliath – Part 3 – Precious Jewel

1 Sam 174-7, 38-39, 40 The right armour

In vs.4-7 it describes Goliath’s size and what seems like an uninteresting list of his armour.

In vs.38-39 it describes a failed attempt to equip David with Saul’s armour.

In v40 describes David’s “armour”.

Why is such a description recorded here? (“Why” is always a good question to ask?) By worldly standards it sounds impressively frightening and presumably it was good enough to do its job. Goliath totally relied upon it. Along with his height and strength he trusted his life with it. Oh the folly. Trusting in the wrong things – the human way, mans way. Goliath’s armour description is worldly and natural.

By contrast David couldn’t wear Saul’s armour as offered by the king. David had not “proved” the armour (v39) or was not use to it. Neither should we. You can’t take another person’s armour – it’s an individual walk we have with Jesus and He equips us.

David’s armour included the name of the Lord of hosts (v45). He looked to the Lord to deliver him (v.37). He had complete trust in God. But note he came just as he was. This speaks to us of putting “off” the flesh and putting “on” Christ, the new man. (Col 38+10)

We must not rely on the worlds armour and not take another man’s armour but equip ourselves with God’s armour. In 2 Cor 104 it says, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds”.

David & Goliath – Part 2 – Golden Nugget

1 Sam 1740 And he …….. chose him five smooth stones out of the brook”.

As David went and took the stones out of the brook he chose 5 smooth stones. These stones where there already ready and waiting. They had taken time, a very long time, to end up smooth so they would be ready for use now. God had already prepared them ready for David to use.

In each situation you face in your life know that God has prepared /planned it for you. In that situation God has also prepared/provided the way of release/deliverance. He has planned ahead for you.

What shall I do? Or say? Or pray? Realise that God put those stones there and smoothed them ready for use when needed. David didn’t carry them around or bring them with him in his shepherd’s bag. They were there ready for use. (Isaiah 6524 “Before they call, I will answer”) So don’t worry. This speaks of a provider – Jehovah-Jireh.

These smooth stones were aerodynamic so they could fly fast through the air and sink deep.

Just as the stones had been prepared long ago to be there ready for use so to God prepares and plans and provides for us in the time of need.

God goes before you and has planned and prepared things that you will need to help you face different situations. Just as David’s sling was a powerful device so too is prayer. David took his staff, sling, bag with him. The stones were there already prepared and provided by God i.e. we bring ourselves and He provides the ammunition (prayers as the Spirit helps us in our weakness).

David & Goliath – Part 1 – Treasures in the Word

Introduction – There is a wonderful truth in the story of David and Goliath found in 1 Sam 171-58. This relates to David choosing out 5 smooth stones from the brook (v. 40). This truth is a “treasure”. There are even more truths or “treasures” to be found in the same chapter.

The Psalmist says “I rejoice at your word as one who finds great treasure “. (Psalm 119162 NKJV). This provides a wonderful theme to follow up.

The treasure was there in scripture just waiting to be “dug up” and realised as to its incredible value and worth. This truth is given the title Golden Nugget. Subsequent truths have been given similar titles. Each title has no particular connection with that particular truth but mainly serves the purpose of emphasising the truth is a treasure of immense value and stresses “the endless treasures available to them (us) in Christ” Eph 38 (NLT)

However, collectively, the different titles used hopefully serve the purpose of showing the vastness of the “endless treasures” (NLT) or “glorious riches” (Phil 419 NLT) given to us in Christ Jesus.

These riches are varied. Just imagine the scene when a treasure seeker suddenly finds a Pirate’s secret treasure stored in a cave. All the various items – gold, silver, rubies, pearls, diamonds – a vast treasury. There are many items in God’s treasury, all waiting for us to discover.

Each time the starting scripture is found in 1 Samuel chapter 17 so happy reading.

Pocket Sized Thoughts – Temptation – Part 12

He who overcomes …” (Revelation 2:7,11,17,26 ; 3:5,12,21).

This repeated statement is made at the end of each message to the seven churches. It is not a guarantee but a conditional statement. Some of the churches were commended, others were sternly rebuked. All was done from a heart of love. Every church faced problems and trials of various kinds. This is a reflection of life which is never continually smooth. The key is how we act under such situations. We could complain, give up, withdraw, rebel, or even be led away by deception. The key is not to wilt under all the pressure but to continually and faithfully look and listen to Him who is the Head of all the church. By deriving our life from Him we shall have the grace to continue to the end. It is not a sprint but more of a marathon. As we have started the race let us also be sure to finish and complete it. What joy and treasure awaits those who do and who overcome.

PRAYER – “Lord, thank you that your grace is supplied for me to be an overcomer in all things.”

Pocket Sized Thoughts – Temptation – Part 11

When he has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10).

Of all men in the Bible (apart from the Lord Jesus Himself) Job experienced some of the most intense sufferings and temptations. There is a progression of loss from possessions, relationships, then marriage to finally his own health. In all of this, Job never knew the reason for his losses. Friends try to comfort and explain but their words are unhelpful and do more harm than good. A few verses earlier Job cries out that he wished he knew how to find God. Then, he rises to this supreme statement. He comes to the point that his life is hidden in God and that He is not His own. God is working a higher and greater purpose way beyond what Job himself can see. In our lives God works according to His good desire (Philippians 2:13 – written from prison!). Blessed is the man who understands this and graciously submits to it. The gold of godliness is the end result.

PRAYER – “Help me to be pliable to the working of your hands in my life.”