Christ-Centred Curriculum – Part 3

I have recently stepped down as Head Teacher at CFS. This is the last of three articles containing some reflections I have had about my teaching of History and Geography from a Christ Centred perspective. The material is adapted from a talk I gave recently at a Christian Teachers conference and I think the issues raised are useful to adults as well as young people.

My final observation is the one that gets me out of bed every morning. Throughout both geography and history there are many opportunities to reinforce to young people the wonderful truth that the Bible is an accurate revelation from God. During this lockdown I have taken time to produce a website where people can access my World History booklet plus some videos of my introducing aspects of the booklet. This booklet, which I recently revised, contains over thirty years of research into a number of topics – many of which I teach throughout KS3 & 4. The main aim of the booklet is to demonstrate that within the domains of Geology, Topography, Biology, Cosmology, History, Miracles and Fulfilled Prophecy there is abundant evidence to show that the Bible is an accurate revelation from God. The following is the website address:

Before I finish I want to explain why I find the word ‘revelation’ so important. My preferred discipline is Philosophy and in that realm all knowledge is provisional, because we are finite and therefore we cannot know everything. As a consequence we cannot know what we don’t know and therefore we cannot know if what we think we know is true. The Bible warns us not to be hasty in judgement because only God knows the full truth and this is where the full significance of revelation comes in. For revelation from God, who knows everything and who cannot lie, is the only type of knowledge that is absolute and fixed, all other knowledge is provisional. This is why I get so excited about the Bible because it is that type of absolute knowledge, unlike the wisdom of this world. Therefore I can build my life on it, because, if the Bible says I am saved through the death and resurrection of Jesus, then I can fully believe that for myself and this wonderful truth is freely available to all – ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life’.’