Christ-Centred Curriculum – Part 1

I have recently stepped down as Head Teacher at CFS. This is the first of three articles containing some reflections I have had about my teaching of History and Geography from a Christ Centred perspective. The material is adapted from a talk I gave recently at a Christian Teachers conference and I think the issues raised are useful to adults as well as young people.

My first observation is than when dealing with sustainable development, climate change, flooding, poverty or town planning, young people are reminded that they are made in the image of God, and therefore they are born problem solvers. For the young their challenge is to go out and solve the problems we face using the gifts God has given them and the wisdom He so richly wishes to bestow – then remind the young people to thank God afterwards. This is such a positive message and one that puts God at the centre when so often He can be left out. Furthermore with respect to sustainable development I invite the students to reflect on what this might look like for the human soul – the activities they take part in, the things they watch, the friendships they make. In doing this we look at the effect, not just for the next thirty years, but also for eternity. The result of such an approach is to observe that holiness is the only sustainable lifestyle in the light of eternity.