Luncheon Club

Luncheon Club is held monthly (every 4 weeks to be precise) on a Wednesday at 11:30am. Whilst this is a popular event with senior citizens it is open to those of any age who are free in the daytime.

Come along and enjoy a cup of coffee followed by some singing and a short talk on a topic of interest. On alternate occasions we serve a full two course meal. For the intervening sessions there is a light lunch of soup and rolls followed by a dessert. There is no charge as such for the event, though we do request a voluntary donation to help cover the costs.

We would love to see you there.

The current programme is as follows:-

  • Wed 6 Jun 2018 – Soup
  • Wed 4 Jul 2018 – Meal
  • Wed 19 Sep 2018 – Soup
  • Wed 17 Oct 2018 – Meal
  • Wed 14 Nov 2018 – Soup
  • Wed 12 Dec 2018 – Meal